August 30, 2010

Basic Tips Every Lifter Needs To Know About The Nervous System

Understanding the nervous system and the role it plays in terms of performance is the single most important concept there is regarding strength training. Unfortunately, most don't have the slightest clue about how to consciously utilize it to their advantage. Fortunately, even the least knowledgeable person can quickly develop a brief understanding of how the nervous system works as it relates to performance, as long as it’s presented in the right manner.

August 23, 2010

Everything You Need To Know About Mobility And Stability To Maximize Results

If we look at the body and identify the primary purpose of each major joint as it relates to optimal human movement, it would look like this:

Shoulders – stability

Upper back – mobility

Lower back – stability

Hips – mobility

Knee – stability

Ankle – mobility

August 16, 2010

What Your Posture Is Telling You, And Why It's Important If You Want To Get Maximum Results

One of the more alarming issues confronting the majority from a structural perspective is poor posture, which stems from muscular imbalances developed over a sustained period of time from a combination of improper training (exercise selection and execution), poor/inefficient lifestyle habits (sitting at a desk all day for work), lack of understanding of anatomy, or simply not caring enough to train muscles that can’t be seen because they lie beneath more superficial, aesthetically appealing muscles.

August 9, 2010

Why You Can't Just Do Any Program You Find

Because of the seemingly endless supply of training programs that can be found online, or in books by credible authors or coaches, or even health and fitness magazines that can be bought from the local super market, it can be rather difficult in deciding which one is best for you. If you’re relatively new to fitness, or have some experience weight training, how do you go about choosing who to follow, or what to believe?