August 9, 2014

SPECIAL FOUR YEAR ANNIVERSARY ARTICLE - Everything You Need To Know About Training For Your Fiber Type To Get The Best Results For Your Body

The secret

Everybody is different, right? Which means everyone responds differently to a given stimulus, right? And to get the best result you have to find what works for you, right?

Obviously the answer to each of the questions above is yes, but knowing that doesn’t really tell you much at all. Knowing that everybody is different or that a certain stimulus will generate a different reaction in various individuals tells you nothing. If anything, it leads to more questions like ‘what’s the best way to build muscle?’, or ‘how many reps should I do if I want to (fill in the blank)’?

The answers to those questions are far more valuable, but are a lot harder to come by because everybody is different and will get a different response to a given stimulus.