February 24, 2013

Find Out What May Be Limiting You From Making The Progress You Want To Make

In the book, Science and Practice of Strength Training, the authors write “The heaviest weight that is lifted through a full range of motion cannot be greater than the strength at the weakest point”, meaning that one is limited to how much weight they can lift by the amount of strength that they have at the most disadvantageous position of a lift.

February 10, 2013

The Best Exercise For Minimizing Pain In The Elbow While Maximizing Recruitment In The Triceps

Repetitive stress injuries are something that the majority of lifters will inevitably undergo while in pursuit of their goals, and ultimately these injuries end up limiting their ability to do things that they were once able to do without pain. One of the more common repetitive stress injuries I hear of in experienced lifters, and I deal with myself is, sharp pain in the elbow.

There can be a variety of causes for elbow pain from physiological (ex. inflammation), to biomechanical (ex. muscular imbalances), to the more obvious as it relates to an experienced lifter, repetitive stress from the accumulative effect of both direct (ex. lying triceps extension), and indirect (ex. bench press), tension taking its toll on the body.

February 3, 2013

The Single Greatest Physical Attribute That Anyone Can Develop

The Importance Of Strength

Strength is the one physical attribute that crosses all athletic/sporting barriers, as well as the gender barrier. There is not one person, male or female, or one activity that they’d choose to perform, that wouldn’t benefit from them being stronger! Think about it: the stronger you are, the easier (or less physically demanding) everything else becomes, relatively speaking.

With that being said, I realize that there are optimal amounts of strength required for various activities, and that more strength doesn’t always translate into better performance/results, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt.