August 9, 2013

SPECIAL THREE YEAR ANNIVERSARY ARTICLE - Principles Take Precedence Over Everything

Three years later...

The fact that I’m writing this article three years, and over 100 articles, after, I had set out to start putting out the most relevant, effective, and practical information on the web related to maximizing the results one gets for their investment of time, is an accomplishment in itself for me.

Just over three years ago, after searching endlessly online for a single resource that covered all aspects of maximizing human performance that I felt were most relevant and necessary to getting the best results in the shortest period of time, I had come to the conclusion that much (not all!) of what is available online for others, with a hunger to learn, to rely on as a resource of information was incomplete at best, and complete and utter bullshit at worst. As a student of the game that is health and fitness, with a passion for maximizing human preparedness and subsequent performance, I decided that my time would be better suited by doing something about the lack of structured information available by being one that provides it, instead of just another ‘know it all’ who complains about it. In doing so, I had essentially forced myself to rapidly expand my horizons, so that I could keep up with the self induced commitment to constantly put out the most relevant, effective, and practical information possible.