December 25, 2011

The Gold Standard Of Biceps Training

Unlike curls performed in an upright position, or on an incline bench, those performed on the preacher bench most accurately depict the true strength of the elbow flexors. It is for this reason that the preacher curl is the gold standard to which all other biceps exercises are compared to.

This isn’t to suggest that curls done on the preacher curl are superior to curls with an upright posture, or those performed lying on an incline bench, when it comes to arm development, as they each stimulate the primary arm flexors to a different degree, and thus provide more or less value, depending on one’s genetic makeup.

Because the preacher bench all but eliminates the ability for other muscle groups to contribute to the lift, it can be used as a diagnostic tool to highlight relative imbalances that may exist between any of the primary elbow flexors.

December 18, 2011

The Ultimate VMO Exercise

Overall Development vs Complete Development

The squat is strongly considered to be the ultimate leg builder for a few primary reasons:

·         It permits for the greatest loads to be used

·         It involves contribution from the greatest amount of lower body musculature

These two reasons alone are strong enough to outweigh any combination of reasons another exercise can offer, as no other exercise combines the amount of weight that can be used, with the amount of involved musculature, as much as the squat does. But just because the squat is capable of building the legs as a whole, more than any other movement, does not mean that the development is balanced.

December 11, 2011

The Fitness Industry Exposed 2 - What To Expect If You Want To Become A Personal Trainer

When I first got into the fitness industry, just under a decade ago, my perception was that a personal trainer did one thing: train people. Sounds logical, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, I learned rather quickly that this industry, much like every other one, comes down to one thing: money! That’s right, and the sad reality hit me, and completely altered the way I looked at the path I had chosen. It’s one of those things where “if I had known then, what I know now” I may, or may not, have ended up where I am. So that’s why I’ve decided to write about the industry, and what you should expect if you want to become a trainer yourself.

December 4, 2011

Barbells VS. Dumbells - A Pressing Matter

The Pros And Cons Of Barbell Pressing


Lifting heavy is much more practical, and energy conserving