April 28, 2013

Fitness while traveling - Stay in shape on the road By Mike Manning

Traveling can be exhausting both mentally and physically. Hours of sitting in a vehicle, bus, train or airplane can be uncomfortable and stressful. Once you reach your destination, business meeting or social activities may fill your days and evenings. It's important to find the time for physical activity while on the road to relax and stay healthy.

As healthy living grows in popularity, the hospitality industry is providing travelers with new options to make it easier for their guests to stay in shape during their stay. Research the exercise opportunities available before booking your lodgings. On a recent trip to San Francisco I was able to take book perfect accommodations because I did a little due diligence on a travel reviews site before booking a hotel. This site gave me a list of the best hotels in San Francisco that I was able to parse through and see what amenities were offered at each hotel and also see the reviews from previous travelers. Take advantage of fitness centers, spas, and swimming pools when you arrive at your hotel. Ask if there are walking trails nearby.

Be prepared to continue with your regular exercise routine when you travel by packing the right gear. Exercise clothes, athletic shoes, music and headphones will help you stay in shape when you're away from home. Depending on your arrangements, a swimsuit, tennis racket, and possibly exercise bands will be put to good use as you unwind at your destination. You may even be able to rent items like golf clubs, inline skates, and bicycles. If feasible, wear your athletic shoes while traveling and take advantage of any opportunity to walk at rest stops to keep your energy level up and relieve cramped muscles.

While most travelers will resent long layovers, they offer a great opportunity to walk around the airport. Use the stairs instead of the escalators as often as possible. Many airports also provide travelers with special amenities like yoga rooms or walking paths. Before heading out on your trip, investigate the offerings of the airports that you will be utilizing.

If time permits, take walking tours of the area you are visiting. Whether traveling for business or for pleasure, there is no reason to ignore the need for physical activity. If the destination offers no facilities or safe walking areas, pack and exercise DVD so that you can work out in the privacy of your own room.

If you have any questions about staying fit while travelling you can contact Mike Manning at mikemnning@gmail.com


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